MyPaint App for Linux

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The MyPaint version brings a set of incredible features to artistically oriented users. This open-source and easy-to-use graphics application for digital painters pledges versatility across various operating systems.

Benefitting Ubuntu Users

MyPaint serves as a fantastic tool for Ubuntu users based on its compatibility and functionality. Offering a pressure-sensitive brush engine, MyPaint for Ubuntu allows illustrators to draw with precision. It enhances the digital drawing experience by providing unlimited canvas, an extensive collection of brushes, and layer management that suits perfectly well to Ubuntu environment.

Favoring Mint Users

Furthemore, MyPaint for Linux Mint users facilitates seamless creation of spectacular visual content. The software provides an enriched drawing experience featuring a gamut of powerful tools like paintbrushes, pencils, airbrushes, and others right at your disposition on Linux Mint.

Installation Guide

Installing MyPaint on your platform is fairly straightforward, regardless of the distribution you are using.

How to Install MyPaint on Ubuntu?

  • Open the terminal
  • Type: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:Chadwick/mypaint-testing
  • Execute the command: sudo apt-get update
  • Finally, install MyPaint by typing: sudo apt-get install mypaint

After entering these commands on your terminal, you will encounter a successful MyPaint for Linux and installation process.

System Requirements

Operating System Processor RAM Disk Space
Ubuntu 16.04 1GHz 2GB Minimum 50MB
Linux MyPaint 18 Sarah 1GHz 2GB Minimum 50MB
Fedora 23 1GHz 2GB Minimum 50MB

With its suitable system requirements and a broad array of features, MyPaint for Linux download has swiftly gained a name amongst vector artists and hobbyists.

Install MyPaint App on PC for Free